order picking

Utilizing tracking hardware set up in a store, data is updated in real time to be harnessed on the front end. This gives department stores the ability to display accurate inventory, employee task knowledge, and locations for those tasks. The right task is assigned to the right worker for optimal efficiency. A pilot is in progress for the #2 retailer in North America.


Find items. fulfill orders

Easily find items needed to fulfill an order by using wayfinding and the detector. Turn by turn directions as well as the aisle and shelf information makes it easy to locate the item. This is especially useful for finding an exact size in apparel.


Real-time task insertion

New tasks will be added right into the workflow, so the user can jump right in to the next task. Tasks are sent to users based on their current location, making them the closest to the first item needed in the next task. 



Animations are displayed to give the user feedback after taking an action.



Item Not Found


Incorrect Pick



The client wanted to increase efficiency while while picking for online orders. A lot of time is consumed searching clothing racks for the correct size, color, and style. If they could reduce the walking and searching time, they can get more orders fulfilled on time. 

The Solution

Using our tracking technology and RFID tags, we can track products within the store for location as well as inventory purposes. This allows the user to find the exact style of a product and directs the user right to it using wayfinding. 


Research & Ideation

At a local store, we shadowed employees doing their jobs to get a good understanding of the current picking process. This was an invaluable experience as it also gave us an opportunity to ask questions and figure out the current pain points in the process.



- Trouble finding soft-line items

- INF (Item Not Found)

- A different store could send the item 

- Multiple people fulfill an order?

In-Store Picking

1. Scan Cart

2. Scan Cart Shelf

3. Walk to destination

4. Scan Shelf & Product

5. Drop off at pack station

6. Scan barcode at station

7. Scan Colate (Shipping Label) pick from cart, box it up




Version 1

Version 2



The initial high-fidelity prototype was created in Axure. Multiple iterations were made before development began. 



There was an opportunity to show this app at the National Retail Federation (NRF), the world's largest retail trade association. Additional iterations of the design and functionality was worked on ahead of the show.