Asset protection

Automate the detection of high-value item movement and document the history for those events to proactively protect against shrink for the #2 retailer in North America


Real-time alerts

When a high-value item leaves its home location, it kicks off an alert to the user to help prevent theft

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Track items

Items that a customer is currently in possession of are tracked using RFID tags

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Automated capture

View photos captured at location events right when the tag crosses the boundary. Go back in time to better view the moment



Usually there is only one Asset Protection member at any given moment. We learned that it would be helpful if they could extend their reach by notifying nearby employees to observe or take some kind of action.


The Problem

The asset protection member can't keep up with viewing the entire store and all potential risks at all times. It would be great to have real-time visibility on high-value items that are getting close to the door to reduce shrink.

The Solution

Using tracking technology, we can place RFID tags on high-value items and alert the user once the product leaves its home department. The tracking units take photos at each location event that the asset protection member can view and intercept the customer before they leave the store with the product.


We had a chance to sit down and ask an asset protection member questions at a local store, to discover how they currently do their jobs and some of their pain points. We went to the drawing board and sketched the workflows and iterated on some prototypes. We continued to talk with asset protection members to get their feedback. 





After testing in the store, we realized that we needed to put more of a focus on the "live" view on the mobile app. The historical list of locations is nice to have, but is more useful for historical analysis rather than being used in the moment of tracking the asset. So we started to sketch up the redesign and iterated based on feedback. We allow the user to pause the live view and go back 15sec at a time, or back to the beginning of the moment to better track the assets in question. 



We prototyped the changes to better test the experience


On-Going Development

This is still in development and the UX team is still very much involved as we should be. More stores are installing the tracking units and we are hoping to continue to iterate on making this the best experience possible for the user.