Medical Demo

Created to demonstrate how a barcode scanner can help a caregiver more easily achieve the 5 medication rights of patients


Medicine Administration Workflow

Scanning caregiver badge, patient wristband, and medicine ID ensures the correct caregiver is giving the correct patient the correct medicine. This is Followed up with a confirmation on the correct time and dosage before administering it


Feedback Modes

The demo informs the user that there are two feedback modes on the scanner, how to activate them, and what they are used for



The user is informed that the scanner and cradle can be used as a worklight for doing paperwork


Battery Check

The user is informed how to view the status of the battery and what the lights mean

The Solution

created a linear demo app that explains features of the scanner in context of a caregivers work day as well as a scanning demo demonstrating how the scanner aids in the medicine administration process

The Problem

Demonstrate how the barcode scanner can assist in achieving the 5 medication rights 



A prototype was created to demonstrate the workflow before development